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Forget what is behind... by Angus Benfield

Updated: May 29, 2019

We simply can't live our lives in the rear view mirror, no matter where you are or what has happened it's time to move on.

This is no way to drive...

I know it's a silly thought, but how do you suggest you move forward in life - either walking, riding a bike or driving, if you keep looking backwards?

You will no doubt walk into a wall, cycle into a shrub or crash into the car in front!

Looking back doesn't work - but this is how some of us live our lives...we keep looking back...we look back in anger, regret, disappointment...we look back in longing, thinking that it was better...back then in the 'good ol' days,' with what we call 'rose coloured glasses' editing the past to convince ourselves it was better.

- BUT on the flip side, there are a lot of us that edit out the past to make it worse!

We edit out all the good things to create a 'narrative' or story that is the "woe is me" and "you have no idea how bad my life is" story and that's who we end up becoming, we are identified by - "you've got problems? You have no idea - let me tell you about mine"...

We keep this narrative 'fed', we look for everything bad and reject anything good, from life, from people...and gradually it becomes an addiction...

We look back and all we see is that it's all bad - we look forward and it's only getting worse.

You have got to stop this cycle...now. It's not your story - maybe it once was BUT you are the HERO of your own story - you can re-write it...you do not have to live life as a constant re-run or remake of the same old story - YOU can change it. YES it's probably going to be tough and painful and DIFFICULT! Guess what? It's easy to stay the same, it's comfortable to keep looking back...and feeling sorry for yourself and blaming...life...but comfort isn't good...in a state of comfort...growth rarely happens, change rarely happens, risk with payoff rarely happens. How will you know what the shore is like if you don't step off the boat, how will you know what your day holds if you don't get out of bed.

It's time...to step out of your comfort zone and re-write your story.

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